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For over 40 years, the GWSI has been building a community of teachers, students and families focused on making the best musical education available to children. GWSI offers students and their families, as well as teachers seeking professional development, the opportunity to work with an award-winning faculty renowned for its expertise as performers, teachers and leaders in the application of the Suzuki approach. Teachers, students and their parents enjoy a stimulating and motivating environment that offers them the opportunity to supplement their musical education, enhance their recognition within the Suzuki community, network with families invested in musical education and establish life-long friendships.

Suzuki’s purpose was to create better citizens of the world, in his words: “Teach to make a beautiful heart and noble being”. Through the process of instrumental training, students become sensitive, focused, patient and respectful.

“The overall atmosphere was one of positive high-quality learning. I found everyone—students, parents, teachers—unusually supportive and ready to learn.”
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