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Miriam Bolkosky

Miriam brings a deep and nuanced perspective to coaching from her experiences as a performer, student, teacher, and practice parent. A deeply caring person, she blends love and understanding with expertise gained from decades of experience, ideally placing her to provide valuable support to caregivers as they navigate the complexities of the musical practice relationship.

Miriam first picked up the cello at age four, and went on to earn degrees in music first from the University of Michigan and then the Cleveland Institute of Music. She has performed with top orchestras in venues across the country. Today, she continues to perform with many ensembles in the Boston area, including as cellist of the Radius Ensemble.

Alongside performing, Miriam is also a dedicated teacher. She has decades of experience as a private cello teacher (both Suzuki and traditional). Her teaching is also infused with the philosophies and approaches she learned as a Registered Yoga teacher and as an Alexander Technique teacher. She brings her patience and pedagogy to parents both within her studio and beyond.

As a mother of twins, she has confronted the challenges of practice parenting head-on. When the going got rough, Miriam dug into tough questions and redefined her practice parent relationship – read more about that by clicking here. Through Practice in Harmony™ Miriam cultivates an open space dedicated to providing in-depth support to parents looking to change the narrative of their practice relationships.

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