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“The 10+ years I spent as a student at the Greater Washington Suzuki Institute were beneficial and memorable experiences in my foundational training, especially receiving guidance from excellent teachers and learning ensemble skills in group classes.  I would highly recommend GWSI to young Suzuki musicians!”

Lisa-Beth Lambert, Violinist, Philadelphia Orchestra, Currently, National Symphony Orchestra

“I grew up attending the GWSI with my family every summer. I remember this time vividly, as it took place just as school let out for the summer. It was incredibly fun playing music all day, learning from some of the best Suzuki teachers in the country. The inspirational spark I experienced during these institutes still fuels my love of teaching and playing music every day. I learned to listen in group classes and chamber music, to react to my peers and teachers in lessons, and to lead and to take risks in performances. These are fundamentals I bring with me on stage every time I perform with the Jupiter Quartet and ones I work to instill in my students.”

Megan Freivogel
Violinist, Jupiter String Quartet
Assistant Clinical Professor of Violin, University of Illinois

“I think back on my many summers at the Greater Washington Suzuki Institute with very fond and wonderful memories.  The experience and foundation I gained during those summers was priceless and made a profound impact in the success of my career.  Not only did it cultivate my love for music, I got to learn and perform with some of the best musicians in the world and make some fantastic friends.  I developed the confidence to be in front of a crowd as a soloist but also honed my listening and ensemble skills to be a proficient orchestral player.  The program had the right amount of disciplined hard work, competition and motivation but also a great deal of fun.  I continue to utilize these invaluable life lessons every day and will never forget the outstanding time I had growing up in the Suzuki Community.  Grateful for the incredible opportunity, thank you!”

Soon Hee Newbold
Composer, Violinist

“I have the most wonderful memories of the many years I and my siblings attended the Washington Suzuki Institute. All four of us would pile into the car with our instruments early in the morning, full of excitement for the day ahead. We loved our teachers there, we loved the music we got to play, and we loved the companionship of friends that enjoyed making music as much as we did. The joyful days I spent there certainly helped lead me to the decision to dedicate my life to sharing music with others.”

Liz Freivogel
Violist, Jupiter String Quartet

“It gives me great pleasure in recommending GWSI to you. I recall how in 2019, I was hesitant to sign up my kids for institute and reduce vacation time and funds! My children, (ages 6 and 10 at the time) were surprised by how much they enjoyed GWSI. It was unlike other violin intensives they had attended. The various activities from masterclass to repertoire class to orchestra, all taught by excellent teachers, gave them a different perspective from their weekly lessons. They came out of GWSI saying “we have to do this every year”!  To this day they still talk about their time at the institute and cannot wait for this up-coming one! This year promises to be even better, with a fantastic line-up of musicians/instructors. Based on our experience, I can vouch for a solid return on investment in terms of both joy and skill. So, please don’t miss out on this enriching opportunity.”

Ishita Menon
Suzuki Violin Mother of Two

“The summers I spent attending the Greater Washington Suzuki Institute with my family vitally reinforced an essential fact of music, that diligent, spirited and focused work leads to a great performance. The weeks were fun and welcoming, and I am tremendously grateful to have absorbed this cheerful approach to music at an early age. I still remember inspiring performances of the more advanced students and the playful and helpful ways my teachers brought me into the world of violin.”

J Freivogel
First Violin, Jasper String Quartet

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