Afternoon Recitals

Afternoon Recitals

Afternoon Recitals follow the Play-ins and Lectures and are at 3:15 in the auditorium. Please plan to stay. Students gain a new perspective of familiar pieces at these recitals, are motivated by the dedication and perseverance of fellow artists, and are inspired by the level of achievement of each performer. Teach your children by your example to listen quietly during a performance and absolutely do not walk about during a performance.

The GWSI Faculty will perform the Monday afternoon recital. Immediately following the recital, there will be a short meeting for teachers and parents regarding realizing and furthering our goals through our national organization, The Suzuki Association of the Americas.

Students are nominated to perform in afternoon recitals Tuesday-Thursday by their master class teachers and include students who present well-prepared pieces, pleasing musicianship, good posture and sound technique for their level. Please do not encourage competitiveness, nor ask to be nominated.  Afternoon recitals should be a musical pleasure and an inspiration for all.

When a student is nominated for the afternoon recitals, he/she should immediately go to the Suzuki Office to submit the nomination form given them by their Institute teacher.  Students wishing to rehearse for afternoon recitals may make an appointment with the Staff Accompanist, Elizabeth Brown.  Sign-up sheets are posted on the Staff Accompanist practice room door. The dress code for recitals is a white shirt and long pants for boys and dresses for girls.

The Friday 3:15 PM recital will include performances by the Preparatory and Beginning Orchestras.

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