G. Scottish Fiddling

G. Scottish Fiddling

Violin, Cello,  Viola and Bass students who play at the end of Book 2 through advanced book players are eligible to register for fiddling classes. The focus of classes will be on Scottish Fiddling in the traditional style. Music will be learned primarily by ear, although printed music will be made available at the conclusion of every class. Emphasis will be on playing solo lines. Improvisation and the playing of harmonic “back-ups” may also be explored. Fiddling class offers students a unique and enjoyable experience.

Note: Students may choose to play any string instrument or piano regardless of which program (violin, cello, viola or bass) they are enrolled in.  Seats for pianists are limited to one per class.  

 It is important for the students to bring a recording device to the Fiddling class. Audio is fine; it doesn’t have to be video.  A smart phone will do, but a dedicated audio recorder is even better.

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