Thursday Evening Informal Recitals

Thursday Evening Informal Recitals

Students who are well prepared and would like to play in the Thursday Evening Informal Recitals beginning at 6:00 PM should sign up by submitting a recital request form to the GWSI Office before 5:00 PM on Wednesday.

Lists of performers and recital locations will be posted on the main entrance by 5:30 PM Thursday before the recitals. The dress code for performers is a white shirt and long pants for boys and dresses for girls.

Although students do not normally rehearse with an accompanist for these recitals, parents may arrange a rehearsal directly with one of the repertory class accompanists.  Accompanist names and telephones are listed on the Informal Recital request form.  Parents must pay the accompanist directly $15 for a short rehearsal run through. The accompanist’s name must also be indicated on the student recital request form, so that the student is placed in the correct recital. There may be as many as four concurrent recitals to accommodate performers as needed.

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