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GWSI offers students studying violin, cello, viola and bass an opportunity to supplement their musical education by enjoying a week of individual and group instruction in the company of students and families who value and actively pursue musical, personal and talent development. GWSI students range in age from 4 to 18 years, and in experience level from Pre-Twinklers and Twinklers who are just starting their Suzuki studies to advanced students who have mastered all ten Suzuki books. They include violinists, cellists and violists who are studying using the Suzuki approach, as well as bass players who have been training by any method. Parents play an active role in the GWSI student program and all children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

String Group Repertoire List 2023 – Coming this spring!
Orchestra Music Repertoire 2023 – Coming this spring!
View Schedules – Coming June 2023

String Programs

The string programs offer an individual lesson in Master Class style, a group Repertory Class and one or two additional music enrichment classes based on advancement level.  Master Class Lessons for advanced students are small (including 3 rather than 4 students).  In addition, students are encouraged to attend the morning meeting, practice help with GWSI faculty and afternoon recitals given by guest clinicians.

Orchestra Institute

In 2022, GWSI added an Orchestra Institute for any string player ages 12 – 18, and we are happy to announce we will be offering this program again in 2023! Parents can drop students off at 9am and pick up between 3-4pm. Students should bring their own music stand and a pencil with their instrument for a fun filled day of ensemble music making. Coaches and conductors will work with students in large and small groups to help prepare students for the final performance on Friday afternoon.

Flutes at GWSI

Classes will begin on Monday, June 26. Classes will run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. On Friday, June 30, the final concert will be in the early evening. While every effort is made to provide each student with a compactly designed schedule, students may have breaks in their schedule throughout the day. These breaks will provide time for extra practice and rest. Students should come prepared to play a polished piece for the first class meeting. Your teacher can readily assess your needs by hearing a technically and musically mature piece. Students should review all repertoire carefully so they can play all pieces fluently up to their current piece. Please bring a bag lunch and beverage each day. We request that students do not leave campus without permission of the Institute staff and adult supervision.

Pre-Twinkle Program

Violin Pre-Twinkle
Cello Pre-Twinkle

Master Class
Repertory Class
Music Games Class

Prelude Program 

Violin Books 1-3
Cello Books 1-2
Viola Books 1-2
Bass Book 1

Master Class
Repertory Class
Music Enrichment

Vivace Program

Violin Books 4-5
Cellos Books 3-4
Viola Books 3-4
Bass Book 2

Master Class
Repertory Class
Music Enrichment

Artist Program

Violin Books 6 and up
Cellos Books 5 and up
Viola Books 5 and up
Bass Book 3 and up

Master Class
Repertory Workshop
Music Enrichment


Performances are an integral part of the GWSI experience and are included in all programs.  Since we are in person and online this year, programs are currently in development, including orchestra, chamber music, and more. Complete information and schedules will be released closer to the Institute dates.

Stay tuned for information about amazing performance opportunities this summer!


Violin, cello, viola and bass students (other than Pre-Twinklers) should come prepared to play a polished piece for their first master class lesson. The GWSI teachers can readily assess a student’s needs by hearing a technically and musically mature performance of a piece.

Other Programs