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Late Registration

Teacher Development Program

The SAA has set strict limitations on the number of students that can be enrolled in a Teacher Development Program course.  Registration will remain open up to June 20 for Teacher Development Program courses whose limits have not been reached. Note, students who are waiting for SAA approval of an audition in order to meet the prerequisites for a Violin or Cello Book 1 course should register to hold their seat.  If for any reason the audition is not approved, they will receive a full tuition refund.

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Student Program

Registration officially closed June 1 and assignment of children to classes is underway.  If you missed the registration deadline, we still may be able to accommodate your child if there are class sessions with openings at his or her level of advancement.  If you do register and we are not able to accommodate your child, you will receive a full tuition refund.

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Late Registration Support

Please contact us if you have any further questions about course availability.

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SAGWA members are entitled to discounts on selected courses.  Membership carries additional benefits such as access to scholarships, discounts on tickets for music events, music shop purchases and instrument repairs as well as participation in SAGWA sponsored events. If you are not already a SAGWA member, you may purchase a teacher or family membership when you register for GWSI. More information on SAGWA memberships can be found at SAGWA Memberships.


Select a category to see the fees for the 2019 GWSI.

Rates are based on SAGWA membership and number of children enrolled per family.

Late Registration

SAGWA Member Single Child SAGWA Member Multiple Children Non-Member Single Child Non-Member Multiple Children
Pre-Twinkle & Twinkle $505 $495 $545 $535
Book 1-3 $515 $505 $555 $545
Book 4-10 and Up $550 $540 $590 $580
Music Theory Games (Elective) $50 $50 $50 $50
Quartet/Chamber Music (Elective) $285 $285 $285 $285
Scottish Fiddling (Elective) $155 $155 $155 $155

Rates are based on SAGWA Membership.

Late Registration

SAGWA Members Non-Members
Lesson & Orchestra $375 $415
Orchestra Only $50 $100
Chamber Music (Elective) $285 $285

Rates are based on SAGWA Membership.

Late Registration

SAGWA Members Non-Members
Full Program $600 $640
Partial Program $335 $375

Rates are based on SAGWA Membership.

Late Registration

SAGWA Members Non-Members
Foundation Course (ECC) $190 $190
Violin Book 1 $845 $895
Violin Book 2 $570 $620
Violin Book 4 $570 $620
Cello Book 1 $845 $895
Enrichment Course $370 $380
Enrichment Course taken as a second Course $245 $245

Late Registration

SAGWA Members $100
Non-Members $150

Refund Policy

A $50 cancelation fee will be charged per attendee for cancelations before May 15. All other fees are refundable by written request up until May 15, 2019. No refunds will be made after May 15. All refund requests must be submitted prior to May 15.

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Financial Aid Scholarships

GWSI and SAGWA Scholarships have already been awarded for 2019.  Mark your calendar and apply early for a GWSI 2020 scholarship.

GWSI Scholarships for Teachers and Students
GWSI makes a limited number of partial scholarships available to promising teachers and students who are attending GWSI for the first time and demonstrate significant financial need. Applications should be mailed to by April 1, 2019.  Use one of the following links to download a GWSI scholarship application:

SAGWA Institute Scholarships
SAGWA members can apply for an Institute Scholarship which provides tuition-based assistance for the  GWSI Teacher Development and Student Programs. Applications are due by April 15, 2019. Apply through the SAGWA website at SAGWA Scholarships.

SAA Teacher Development Scholarship
The SAA offers Teacher Development Scholarships that provide tuition assistance for Unit Courses such as those offered for Violin and Cello at the 2019 GWSI event.  Applications are due by February 1, 2019 . Apply through the SAA website at SAA Teacher Development Scholarships.