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Deadlines, Fees and Discounts

The late registration period has closed for the Student Program.  We have extended the late registration period for the Teacher Development Program classes and are accepting late registrations until such time as classes fill or through June 21, which ever is earlier. If you have questions about registration please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Select a category to see the fees for the 2018 GWSI. A small additional fee will be charged for each registration to cover on-line payment processing charges.

Rates are based on number of children enrolled per family.

Late Registration

Multiple children
Pre-Twinkle & Twinkle $505 $495
Book 1-3 $515 $505
Book 4-10 and Up $550 $540
Music Theory Games (Elective) $50 $50
Quartet/Chamber Music (Elective) $285 $285
Scottish Fiddling (Elective) $155 $155

Late Registration

Lesson & Orchestra $375
Orchestra Only $50
Chamber Music (Elective) $285

Late Registration

Full Program $600
Partial Program $335

Late Registration

Foundation Course (ECC) $240
Violin Book 1 $845
Violin Book 2 $570
Violin Book 4 $570
Cello Book 3 $570
Enrichment Course $380
Enrichment Course taken as a second Course $245

Late Registration

SAGWA Members $50
Non-Members $150
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Refund Policy

A $50 cancelation fee will be charged per attendee for cancelations before June 1. All other fees are refundable by written request up until June 1, 2018. No refunds will be made after June 1. All refund requests must be submitted prior to June 1.

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