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Music enriches all of our lives. Investment in music education for children not only brings us the promising young musicians of the future, it inevitably enhances the development of skills that children use in other areas as well.  The Suzuki approach helps all children achieve impressive levels of skill starting at very young ages.  Hearing is believing.

Listen to these performances by Suzuki students trained by the GWSI founder, Ronda Cole:

Malva, age 6

Sara, age 11

Harry, age 17

Sponsorship Opportunities

The most forward-thinking companies demonstrate leadership by investing in endeavors that enrich the communities they rely upon.  The benefits of music education are known and well researched.  Please express your support for such education by investing in GWSI, a premier Suzuki Institute that brings leading musicians and teachers together with a community of families passionate about music education for their children.  GWSI offers recognition to all sponsors on its website and in its materials, opportunities to attend and be recognized at the Faculty Recital and Final Concert and exposure to the community from which future top-rate musicians have and will arise.

Explore Sponsorship Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

GWSI offers a number of volunteer opportunities to adults and teens.  These include:

  • Zoom Room Monitors to manage waiting rooms and entrance to classes
  • Zoom Tech Help Room to help any participant with technology issues
  • Video Clip Submissions from any past GWSI attendee who wants to share a positive experience they had
  • Digital Picture of the Day Submissions from anyone who wants to inspire others during the event or past events
  • Quote of the Day Submissions from anyone who has something notable to share during the event or past events

Please let us know if you are interested and in volunteering in any other way not mentioned here. We would love to have you help us out!

Volunteer for 2023 – Coming Soon!