Suzuki Association of the Greater Washington Area

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GWSI is sponsored by the Suzuki Association of the Greater Washington Area (SAGWA).  SAGWA inspires and encourages musical learning in the greater Washington DC area.  Grounded in the Suzuki philosophy, SAGWA promotes the harmony of heart and mind through music to nurture beautiful artists and foster compassionate connections within the community.

SAGWA invests in the area Suzuki community by providing events and resources, including financial aid, to nourish a rich learning environment.  We support students in the mastery of a musical instrument by offering performance and learning opportunities.  We support teachers as lifelong learners through continuing education.  We partner with parents to develop character and overall excellence in their children.

SAGWA is a Chapter of the Suzuki Associations of the Americas  (SAA).  GWSI registers the training of those who successfully complete GWSI teacher development courses with the SAA.